MÉXICO              Manuel Caicoya, Director and Founder

Mexico City                 Team: Javier Pérez, Rodrigo García, Jose Manuel Naranjo, Diego Roberto Santini, Fernando Pi 

USA                     Joseph Thorne,Director.

Washington DC         Team: Jonh Smith, Elisa Thomson, Samuel Stone, Quin Jo, Ma Ning.

CHINA                   Yan Lu, Associate, Director.

Beijin                      Team: Lulu Shinjan, Marcos Alonso, Xiuni Jin Jin, Quian Shen, Matthew Stone, Paolo Rossi.

SPAIN                    Juan Martin MarcosAssociate, Director.
Madrid                   Team: Fernando Cuevas, María Garcia, Iñaki García, Sergio de la Peña, Rocio Peñasanta

MANUEL CAICOYA, Director and Founder.

Manuel is a professionally qualified architect with ten years’ experience at leading European and international architectural firms.

A project architect with experience across a broad range of team leadership and team membership roles including major, residential, cultural, commercial, mixed use, and industrial building projects. Manuel is skilled in design, project management, with hands-on experience in on-site liaison with building and construction companies. Manuel’s vision is to create new relationship between human spaces and technique. His philosophy is based on a respect for culture, nature and the use of technology to get the best results.

He wants to create new relationship between humans spaces and techniques . His philosophy is based in respect culture, nature and using technology to get the best results.